7 Ways to Squeeze More Storage Out of Your Tiny Kitchen

We always love to shape our kitchen in a new way and n a new style that makes them look perfect. Well, if you are planning to redesign your kitchen and make use of the small space left, then the time has come for you to utilize options.

Here are 7 Ways to Squeeze More Storage out of Your Tiny Kitchen and then make it look even more attractive.

If you are planning to do such, then here are a few tips and tricks to follow.

Add a shelf to maximize the space above your cabinets

The first thing that you can do is to maximize the shelf space above the cabinets. Most of the time, they remain empty and are not used.


You can easily place the unnecessary things over there and can maximize the space left. Things which are supposed to be consuming spaces on the floor or some other part can easily be placed out here.

Take advantage of open wall space

Why only utilize the kitchen shelf and drawers to keep your stuffs? If you really have a short space to store everything then you can easily chip in with the advantage of the open wall space. You can easily place your required stuffs and other things.

Magnetic knife strips are good for storing a lot more than just knives

A lot of people might be unaware of this, but magnetic stripes and the shelves is a great thing to use.


Well, you can save the space of a cupboard and then hang the knives, the spoons and the other metallic utensils easily on the walls with just the help of a magnetic strip.

Add another shelf inside cabinets

Why use the cabinets as they are. Consider in just making in as much as the shelves as you want.


This will allow you to grab a lot more of the spaces as well as you can easily organize the small elements and the larger ones as well. So consider in making in more shelves inside the cabinets.

Hang things on the open side of a cabinet

If you have the cabinets mounted in your kitchen then the time has come to almost utilize every part of it.

Well, you can easily take the help of the open side of the cabinet and can hang things or even bakes where you can keep the products. This is indeed a great option. Another quick tip would be to get compact kitchen faucets that take up less space, a good example would be the Moen 7594SRS Arbor faucet.

Utilize the inside of cabinet doors

The interiors of the cabinet doors can also be redecorated. You can also place the interior walls to the cabinet with magnetic strips are different products to stick together.


Hanging them will indeed be a great option for you to place the necessities.

Use tension rods to make storage space more organized

The usage of tension rods are widely seen on the walls and are widely used to organize the requirements.

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