Types of Crib mattresses: Which one to pick

A crib is a place where a baby or a toddler spends more than 15 hours in a day which warrants a need for a safe and comfortable crib mattress for your babies. The choice of deciding which mattress to get for the crib can be hard and daunting but if made correctly, it can prove beneficial for your baby in the long run. So which type of crib mattress should you go for?

There are mainly three types of crib mattresses which you need to know about:


One of the most popular options, foam mattress is found to be a cheaper and lighter option than other mattresses and is known to be very comfortable for the kids. It is made of polyurethane and generally comes in a thickness varying between 3 and 6 inches.

As it is one of the lightest mattress available, it is easier to clean and change the sheets on the mattress due to its polyurethane composition. Polyurethane weighs less than innerspring which is deemed beneficial when you have to move the mattress or clean it regularly. But even though foam mattresses are lighter and comfortable, make sure that you check that a foam mattress is firm and resilient on the sides. An ultra-soft mattress can create a risk of suffocation or a sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) hazard for your babies.


This type of mattresses tends to be a little more expensive than the foam mattresses but are known to provide a safer environment and found to be much more durable than the other mattresses. These mattresses consist of coils which are covered with foam, padding, and fabric.

More springs inside the mattress mean more comfort and support which translates to more cost but it is definitely worth all the high cost. You can check for the firmness of the mattress by checking whether the mattress has a lower gauze which means that it has thicker wire ensuring that the mattress is durable and firm. So if you are looking for a better cushioning, firmer and durable mattress, then you should definitely go for the innerspring mattresses.


One of the most expensive mattresses, organic mattress have a very good reason for these high prices too. They are made from 100% natural materials like coconut, cotton, wool, etc. and do not use an ounce of the chemical or industrial compounds used in other mattresses.

Organic mattresses ensure that your baby is not in contact with these harmful chemical substances which are known to produce toxic gases which can cause allergies or other harmful reaction in your babies if left in prolonged contact. We all know that babies spend a large amount of time in their cribs and remain in a close contact with it for a few years, so it is vital to buy a mattress which won’t harm your baby with its chemical composition. So if you are looking for a healthier and safer mattress for your kid, organic mattresses are your best bet.

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